Hey there! 😊 Just wanted to drop a quick tip!

I’m using @privachie.nl as my personal email alias with SimpleLogin for some extra privacy vibes.

In this age of website and database breaches, it’s super smart to have a unique email address or alias for each online account. It’s like adding an extra layer of security!

The best part? If I start getting spam or phishing emails to a specific alias, no worries; I can simply disable it and create a brand new one. If I notice a bunch of unwanted messages hitting an alias linked to a particular company, it’s like a little red flag that they might have shared my info without asking or their database has been breached.

Oh, and just so you know, “Privachie” is totally intentional; no typos here! 😄 The domain is a fun mix of “privacy” and my name Yee Chie, so I came up with PrivaChie. Cool, right?