Naturehike at Loenermark

September 06, 2021

As the purple heather fields of the Loenermark in the Veluwe region of the Netherlands were approaching the end of their full bloom, I knew I had to see them before they faded away.

I set out on a 14 km hike along the yellow boulder trail, starting at the car park in the Schaapskooi forest.

Loenermark sign 1 Loenermark sign 1

The trail was a diverse range of landscapes, taking me through forests, over hills and across fields. The mix of small and large unpaved paths made for an exciting hike and I was even lucky enough to spot some wild animals including wild boars and a woodpecker.

A mature boar with small ones nearby

As I took my first break at a grove of trees, I spread out my picnic blanket and enjoyed a snack in the natural surroundings. The rest areas were strategically placed and provided comfortable seating, making the hike even more enjoyable.

A picnic location

Throughout the hike, I was able to practice mindfulness as I fully immersed myself in the peaceful trail and didn’t want the distraction of taking too many photos. However, I did manage to capture a few beautiful shots of the heather fields.

Loenermark random 1 Loenermark random 2
Loenermark random 3 Loenermark random 4
Loenermark random 5 Loenermark random 6

It took me approximately five hours to complete the yellow boulder trail, including breaks. Unfortunately, I forgot to start tracking my hike at the beginning, so some data is missing. But I began and ended my hike at the parking lot where I left my car.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend the Loenermark and the yellow boulder trail to anyone looking for a beautiful hike surrounded by nature.

Hiking trail, forgot to start it at the beginning Cadence

I will probably return next year earlier into the blooming season.

Written by Yee Chie Tu. “He/Him” lives in The Netherlands and has been growing and evolving ever since. Check out his Mastodon and Pixelfed profile.