My first domain name was mine in 2003, but I didn’t have a website in mind. The domain was used as a virtual hostname on IRC, which I was actively using at the time.

I set up a personal website because I wanted something that was mine, even though I didn’t do much on it. Maybe I’m always up for trying new things and playing with code, even if I never really got into it because life gets in the way.

I like playing with my website, it never gets done. So, I decided to try Hugo, a static site generator, and that’s how this website came to be.

Design & Development


  • Domain: TransIP, with DNS managed by Cloudflare.

  • Server: Currently hosted on Netlify due to its user-friendly interface and efficiency. Despite GitHub Pages and Cloudflare Pages also being free, I opted for Netlify’s simplicity and robust features.

  • Previous Hosts

IndieWeb Integration

  • Microformats: h-entry, h-card related. Still updating and modifying the theme.
  • Webmentions: Using to connect with others, though the part where you can see it on the website is still in progress.
  • IndieAuth: Using as the authorization endpoint.


Using the Atkinson Hyperlegible Pro font in the WOFF2 format, with a minor third type scale at 18 pixels, is great for making things easier to read, especially for those with low vision.



Your privacy is my top priority! So, no worries, I don’t collect personal info or use sneaky tracking cookies. For all the details, take a look at my full privacy policy here: /privacy-policy.