My new website is here!

New website! I’ve decided to claim my online space and make it my personal digital haven. While privacy and security concerns led me to use my domain for a Proton email address, this website will represent an open door to connect and share, on my terms.

It might seem contradictory to value privacy and share my life online, on this website. The main difference is that I choose what I share and have control over my data. I don’t want giant tech companies profiting from my information or tracking me online.

What motivated me to actually do something with my website was the IndieWeb 1 movement. I found out about it by reading a post on Mastodon 2. The whole concept behind the IndieWeb movement is fascinating, especially considering its similarity to the Fediverse 3 concept of decentralization. See this video 4 on Framatube, which explains what Fediverse and decentralization mean.

So, instead of big tech platforms, I’m now on networks like Mastodon and Pixelfed, while actively shaping my own online presence.

There is a lot that needs to be done on my website.  I still need to learn more about the IndieWeb movement, and perhaps the indie web in general. To achieve this, I will read, understand, and try different things with my website.

The website is constantly evolving, it just takes time.



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