Hey there!

My name is Yee Chie (pronounced like “Ee-Chee”, cheese for the “ch” and seeing for the “ie”). Did you guess how I came up with itchy.nl as my personal domain?

Born in the Netherlands to parents from Taiwan and Singapore, I spent my childhood amidst the charming village life of Eersel in North-Brabant. Now, I call the province of Limburg my home base.

I believe everyone has a voice worth sharing, as long as it’s their own. In a world that can sometimes feel artificial, I strive to be genuine. Trusting others comes with its challenges, but open-mindedness and respect for differing opinions are key. Though, I admit, I can get feisty in a friendly debate now and then!

My journey with computers and the internet started as a hobby, and that spark still burns bright. I was always eager to learn how to code, but life got in the way. Now, I enjoy playing with code and trying to understand it better. This means that part of this website is simply hacked together to suit my needs, so there is a lot of unnecessary code. But hey, when it works, it works!

Here are some of my interests:

  • Hiking: I’m looking forward to exploring trails with Travelbase 1. As a novice trekker, their guided experiences seem perfect for me.
  • Nature: Whether hiking or simply escaping the urban hustle, I cherish the serenity of the great outdoors, away from the crowds.
  • Wellness: There’s nothing quite like the mental clarity and physical rejuvenation I find in the sauna.
  • Nude recreation: As a member of NFN Open & Bloot 2, it’s about embracing self-acceptance and liberation in the most natural state.
  • Anime: My journey into anime began with “Hikari No Go”, sparking a lifelong fascination with its artistry and storytelling.
  • Computers & Internet: From my early years, the digital realm has been a refuge, offering both connectivity and anonymity in a world of evolving technology.
  • Photography
  • Virtual Reality
  • Baseball
  • Cats

Random facts about me:

  • I’m 1.85 meters tall.
  • I belong to the introversion spectrum.
  • According to a D.I.S.C. test, I possess the characteristics of a perfectionist 3
  • Being a hard gainer with an ectomorph body type means keeping those muscles in check can be a bit difficult for me.
  • My eyesight is pretty bad, like almost minus 8 bad.